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Retreats 2016

June1st - 26thChristina Kikû Lehnherr & Michael HoKai ÖsterleSummer Zen Practiceperiod

Summer Zen Practice Period

Felsentor invites to it’s 2nd Summer Practice Period from June 1 – 26, 2016


During these practice focussed days, we will endeavor to receive all impacting conditions and circumstances –inside and outside – as invitations. Invitations to become aware, to become present, to cultivate the capacity to abide in and to respond to „what is so“ with gererosity, patience, tolerance and compassion.

The daily schedule will be shaped by 6 periods (30 minutes) of zazen, Ceremonies, formal meals (oryoki), 3 hours of working together in order to support and sustain Felsentor in all it’s multiple functions and occasional dharma talks. Individual practice discussions (dokusan) will be available. There is also the possibility to work on a Rakusu or Okesa.

A 6-day-sesshin from June 20 – 26. will bring the practice period to a close. It will end on Sunday, June 26, midday with a Shuso ceremony. 

The practice period will be led by Christina Kikū Lehnherr. She will teach in english and german.

Official arrival and departure dates are June 1st, 9th, 14th and 19th 

Participation is possible without prior experience in Zen practice.


                        Dormitory         Double room                Single rooms

1-5 days:           CHF 90.-/day                  CHF 100.-/day                     CHF 115.-/day

6-20 days:         CHF 60.-/day                  CHF 70.-/day                       CHF 85.-/day

21-27 days:       CHF 40.-/day                   CHF 50.-/day                       CHF 65.-/day

Additional costs: Dana (Donation) for the teachers.


Christina Kikû Lehnherr

Born in Zürich, Switzerland 1947, grew up with six siblings, went to school, trained and worked as licensed physical therapist. Experiencing the great influence psychological underpinnings played in the response and recovery of patients from physical injury led to interest in and study of clinical Psychology at the IAP Institute in Zürich.

During those years additional training in integrative Gestalt- and Movement therapy at the Fritz Perls Institut, Düsseldorf and in Sensory Awareness with Charlotte Selver in Europe and later at Green Gulch Farm Zen Center in California.  Also begin of meditation practice in the Rinzai Zen tradition. Work in the Psychiatric University Clinic of Basel fostered a need to understand and respond to human suffering on a deeper than psychological level.

1988 Move to San Francisco Zen Center, Green Gulch Farm. 1990

Entering the Soto Zen priest training program for foreign students . 1993 Priestordination.

2005 conclusion of formal priest training Dharma Transmission in the lineage of Shogaku Shunryu Suzuki and full authorization as Soto Zen priest and teacher.

2003 – 2006. Tanto (head of practice) at San Francisco Zen Center City Center.

2012 – 2014 Abiding Abbess at the same place.Since 2012 living as ‘independent’ Soto Zen priest and teacher with my spouse in Marin County, USA.

Michael HoKai Österle

HoKai hatte 1990 anlässlich einer tiefen Lebenskrise ersten Kontakt zu Zen. Er wurde von Vanja Palmers in der Tradition von Kobun Chino Roshi 2004 zum Zenpriester ordiniert. HoKai leitet das Zendojo FreiRaum und unterstützt die Dharma Arbeit im Felsentor und die seiner Eltern in der Altbäckersmühle. Er übt seit 30 Jahren mit dem Bogen, begleitet Sesshin und leitet Seminare im Bereich "Gewaltfreie Kommunikation". Beruflich arbeitet HoKai als Systemadministrator für Apple Computer, ist verheiratet und hat einen Sohn.

Aug16. - 21.Marcel Shokan UrechTo Center Ourselves and Touch the Spirit...

To Center Ourselves and Touch the Spirit of our Hearts

Our Sesshin is an intensive training period consisting of the practices of Zazen, Kinhin (walking meditation), Samu (work) and Sutra recitation. The possibility of a personal interview with the teacher is available three times per day. Our Zazen periods are approximately 40 minutes and we sit roughly 10 hours per day.

Shokan Marcel Urech Osho

Shokan Marcel Urech, Osho was born on November 21, 1949 in Basel.  For more than 30 years he has been practicing Zen.  Since 1991 he has been the student of Eido Shimano Roshi, the abbot of Dai Bosatsu Zendo Kongo-ji in upstate New York where Shokan trained for six years as a Rinzai Zen monk.  In 2008 Shokan was acknowledged as an Osho by Eido Roshi.

Date Teachers fee Room + Board Sign up
August 16th till 21st 2016
Tuesday 5 PM
Sunday 1 PM
Dana Multibed room: CHF 475 (95/day)
Double room: CHF 600 (120/day)
Single room*: CHF 750 (150/day)
add. tourism tax: CHF 13.50 (2.70/day)

*Single rooms can be reserved but are not guaranteed. If we can offer you a single room, you will be notified shortly before the beginning of the course, or upon arrival at Felsentor. If we can offer you a single-room, we kindly ask you to pay the difference in cash upon arrival. We don't have creditcard services.
One hour of work per day is part of all retreats at Felsentor. More information: Samu / Karma Yoga.