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Retreats 2017

July10. - 16.Edward Espe BrownHow to Cook your Life

How to Cook Your Life

a course in cooking and zen with Edward Espe Brown

Zen Master Tenkei said, “See with your eyes, smell with your nose, taste with your tongue...nothing in the universe  is hidden.” Beyond following recipes or simply doing what you’ve been told, is liberation in the kitchen, freely realizing the way to cook by letting the ingredients come forward to awaken and nourish, letting your own body and mind come alive to cook.

We will bake, cut, chop, clean, taste, talk, meditate and cook – preparing the lunch meal for ourselves each day. Included during this time will be carefully structured tastings. (Sharp knives will be provided.)

Talks each evening will be based on Zen master Dogen’s “Instructions to the Cook” (Tenzokyokun). In addition to kitchen work, we will be practicing sitting meditation in the morning and late afternoon—as well as some simple chi gung. Silence will be an important aspect during parts of the retreat.

Warm wishes.

Edward Espe Brown

began Zen practice and cooking in 1965 and was ordained as a priest by Shunryu Suzuki Roshi in 1971. His teaching style is both light-hearted and penetrating, incorporating poetry and story-telling-and he will see that we eat well. Author of several cookbooks including Das Tassajara Brotbuch (1970) and Das Lächeln der Radieschen: Zen in der Kunst des Kochens, he is also the editor of Seid wie reine Seide und scharfer Stahl, a book of zen lectures by Shunryu Suzuki Roshi (June, 2002).

A critically-acclaimed movie How to Cook Your Life, featuring Edward, premiered in October, 2007. The Complete Tassajara Cookbook, a collection of his writings, was published in September, 2009.
His website is:

Date Teacher's fee Room + Board Booking
July 10th till 16th 2017
Monday 6PM
Sunday 1PM
Travel expenses: CHF 50.-
Multibed room: CHF 570 (95/day)
Double room: CHF 720 (120/day)
Single room*: CHF 900 (150/day)
add. tourism tax: CHF 16.20 (2.70/day)

*Single rooms can be reserved but are not guaranteed. If we can offer you a single room, you will be notified shortly before the beginning of the course, or upon arrival at Felsentor. If we can offer you a single-room, we kindly ask you to pay the difference in cash upon arrival. We don't have creditcard services.
One hour of work per day is part of all retreats at Felsentor. More information: Samu / Karma Yoga.