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Wir kochen und backen gerne ....

Our meals are – with a few exceptions only– 100% vegan.

A big part of the lettuce, vegetables and berries that we use originate from our own certified organic farm Frohmatte/Weggis.

We do use onions and garlic in a well-balanced way.

For our menues we alternate leguminous plants/pulses, tofu, saitan, sweet lupine seeds, soy yogurt, nuts and various crops and pseudocereals like Basmati rice, whole grain rice, Quinoa, Bulgur and buckwheat.

For our cookies and breads we use nearly exclusively spelt flour. The oils are invariably cold pressed and of high quality.

All the other incredients and foods are organic.

A speciality at Felsentor are the eggs from our animal sanctuary post that are being offered once a week as either soft boiled eggs for breakfast or as part of the daily menue.

Once a week we also serve Alp cheese and butter for breakfast.

Due to our small kitchen (and thus limited capacity) we reserve the right to not accept guests with food allergies, special austere diets or histamine intolerance.

However, food allergies such as celiac disease can be catered for. 

In case of any specific food allergies, please, always ask before registering if we will be able to serve your diet.

Das Felsentor Kochbuch

erfreut sich grosser Beliebtheit und kann in unserem kleinen Buchladen bezogen werden

Wir verwenden viele, aber nicht alle Regionalprodukte!