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Living in community for a limited time

The Felsentor Foundation offers a one to four weeks long internship in Zazen/Zen meditation and mindfulness in everyday life. The required minimum commitment is seven days.

During your time with us you will be introduced to and practice Zen meditation (Zazen).
Together with us you will learn and practice how to integrate the silence and concentration of meditation into a mindful attitude towards work practice and community living.

You will be guided by an experienced practitioner.
Upon arrival, you will get a thorough introduction to Zazen/Zen meditation. Additionally there will be a weekly meeting with the residents during which we will look at questions regarding meditation and mindfulness – and how these can be integrated into our daily routine. Furthermore, there is always the chance to have a one-on-one. It is our intention and wish that your stay here at Felsentor will provide you with something that is going to enrich and support your life.

During your stay at Felsentor you are expected to follow the daily schedule and to blend in with the given structures of the community. You will do work practice for 6 hrs daily, 5 days a week. 

The daily schedule is as follows:

6.00 am Wake up time
6.30 am Zen meditation/Zazen
7.00 am Walking meditation/Kinhin
7.10 am Zen meditation/Zazen
7.40 am Service
8.00 am Breakfast together, in silence, followed by work meeting

9.00 am Work practice starts
12.30 pm Lunch together, in silence

2.00 pm Work practice
6.00 pm Zen meditation/Zazen
6.30 pm Service
6.45 pm dinner (informal)

On days when courses start the schedule can be prone to changes. Everybody is asked, then, to be flexibel with practice and work practice times. Once a month the residents meets for a one-day-sitting called Zazenkai.
Work practice is vital in Zen practice as it is seen as an opportunity to practice mindfulness and open mindedness. You will be introduced to various areas of work: the kitchen, house cleaning, animal sanctuary, public garden tavern, work in and around the house and in the garden.
There are 2 days per week at your own disposal.
Usually, you will stay in a shared twin room, but if available in a single room.
Our meals are all vegan. However, on Sundays we also serve butter, cheese and eggs. Smoking, alcohol and drug consumption are not permitted in the center and its compound.
The rooms have neither a TV set nor a phone.

If you are interested please download the application form, fill it out and send it back to us.
We look very much forward to receiving your application.

Please call us or contact us by e mail if you have any further questions.

Phone: +41-(0)41-397-1776






3 step modell for our volunteers:

One week (7 days) up to max. 3 months.

First week costs CHF 350.-
Thereafter free room and board