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Käthi was lucky. Not when she was born. Back then she never saw day light or a blade of grass. She only had to deliver eggs profitably in an overcrowded space and after 18 months she was selected to be slaughtered.

Käthi found a sponsor and thanks to her came to our retirement home for chicken. Käthi`s feathers started to grow again, she stopped being anxious and enjoyed being outdoors, her eyes started to become radiant, her crest and facial skin changed into a natural red.

Käthi & Co are now able to live for many more years – and they make us a gift and provide the eggs for our Sunday breakfast.

Please become a sponsor for one of our chicken!

Make it possible for Käthi`s companions to lead an animal worthy life. Each contribution is welcome: monthly, biannually or a one-off donation. The donated contributions will be only used for food and, if necessary, to cover the vet bill.

You are also very welcome to visit your chicken in its retirement home on the Rigi.

Sister Theresia and team.
Please call us on Mob +41 (0)79780 85 91 or contact us by e-mail at schwestertheresia(at)

Our bank account for sponsorship donations (for food and treatments by the veterinarian):
Luzerner Kantonalbank
Konto 60-41-2
In favour of the Animal Welfare Post
Stiftung Felsentor
6354 Vitznau
CH55 0077 8010 0660 6320 2