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Samu / Karma Yoga at Felsentor

Compared to Hotels or other training centers meditation centers of all the various religious and spiritual traditions usually expect their guests to participate in day to day work.
On one hand as a way to support the center on the other as a spiritual means for one`s own practice of mindfulness that emphasises equal value to any practical activity.
In this sense every guest of Felsentor helps for one hour per day in the house, kitchen or garden. Upon arrival you can sign up for a specific field of work in the office. The necessary instructions will be given by the house team on your first day.  


Samu is a Japanese Zen Buddhist term that stands for work practice in a monastic setting done with a meditative or Zazen mind which can also lead to complete realization like Zazen can. Many traditional Zen stories talk about self realization (Kensho) and enlightenment (Satori) while peeling vegetables in the kitchen or while sweeping the courtyard. During Sesshins with lay people Samu is also always practiced to help ease the integration of Zen practice into their every day lives.
During work practice the HOW is crucial, not the result or the time needed to accomplish the task. Samu is practiced daily to complement the practice of Zazen. The practitioner`s dedication is demonstrated by pursueing any work assignment with great mindfullness.


Karma Yoga is one of several Yoga paths in Hinduism, the Yoga of Action: Acting without attachment to one`s own actions, abandonning selfserving and ego driven actions, acting not as a means to gain wordly rewards. Karma Yoga is also often understood as the Yoga of selfless (altruistic) service. In the Bhagavadgita Krishna teaches Arjuna: Let go of attachments, oh Arjuna, and perform your tasks fully rooted in the Yoga. Be evenminded against success or failure.For the contemplative there is the path of insight and realization, for the active or professional the path of selfless action. Nobody becomes perfect and whole by renouncing work. Nobody can abstain from acting, everybody is inevitably forced to act by the 3 Gunas (characteristics of nature).

Mindfulness in action

Our guests participate in work practice one hour daily with and in support of the community in the tradition of Samu and Karma Yoga as a supplemental practice to formal meditation practice.