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In existence since 2005, the Felsentor Animal Welfare Center provides a home for animals usually used intensively in farming. The individual animals living at the center are the steer Nandi; the three sheep Momo, Mathilda and Merlin; the three goats Jockeli, Chiara and Olga: the five pigs Anton, Francis, Samson, Clärchen and Robinchen; five roosters and fifty hens, in addition to two dogs and three cats.


The Basic Philosophy of the Animal Welfare Center can be summed up as follows:

1. The animals here in the Alp should be able to live out their natural lives as freely as possible and in happiness according to their breed and special character.

2. We wish to disseminate as much information as possible about the terrible situation of farm animals in general and their actual needs. This information is passed on to visitors to the animal welfare center, groups of children, hikers and course participants. We also offer assistance in finding homes for animals that cannot be accepted here in the Alp due to space limitations. Reflecting on our attitudes toward animals and developing a broader awareness of their situation can help realize a happier life for animals and humans alike!

3. Encounters with animals make it possible to gain deeper insights into the spiritual dimensions of our kinship with all life. We realize how we are interconnected with all forms of being as we experience the essential spiritual ground that supports us all.


Donations for food and medical care:
Luzerner Kantonalbank, Konto 60-41-2,zugunsten Tierschutzstelle
Stiftung Felsentor Rigi / Romiti-Felsentor 6354 Vitznau, CH55 0077 8010 0660 6320 2