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Living in community for a limited time

The Felsentor Foundation offers the opportunity of a guest internship for Zen meditation (Zazen) and mindfulness for your every day life.

Your stay as an intern is for a minimum of 7 days and a max. of 3 months total.

The first week as a guest intern always counts as a trial week to get to know each other.

On your day of arrival you will get an extensive introduction to Zen practice, Zazen and the Felsentor as such. Together with us, the residents, you will practice to integrate silence and the concentration of meditation into a mindful attitude towards work practice and co-living with others.

The practice of Zazen and doing work practice while maintaining your Zazen mind are an important part of spiritual practice in Zen Buddhism. That way work is spiritual practice, too.

Once a week there is a get together with the other guest students. There, you will discuss questions regarding meditation and mindfulness, and how to integrate these into your every day life.

In addition there is always the possibility for a private conversation.

We hope that your stay here at Felsentor will offer you something that will enrich and support your life. During your stay at Felsentor we expect that you follow our daily schedule and integrate into the given structures.

Work practice is about 6 hours a day, 5 days a week. In additon, there will be services for the community, like dish shifts and the like.

2 days a week your are off. On these days you can also leave Felsentor whether it will be for a hike or to visit family and friends.

The daily schedule is as follows:

6.00 am Wake up time
6.30 am Zen meditation/Zazen
7.00 am Walking meditation/Kinhin
7.10 am Zen meditation/Zazen
7.40 am Service
8.00 am Breakfast together, in silence for the first 10 minutes, followed by work meeting

9.00 am Work practice starts
12.30 pm Lunch together, in silence for the first 10 minutes

3.00 pm Work practice
6.00 pm informal dinner
7.30 pm Zazen (meditation)
8.10 pm Refuges

9.00 pm bedtime

For some of the courses held here at Felsentor the daily schedule might be prone to changes. Then, everybody will be asked to be flexible regarding practice and work times.

Once a month there is a ZazenKai, a One Day Sitting.  All the residents participate as well as guests for the day.


In Zen practice work is an essential part of the spiritual practice as it is seen as a possibility to exercise/practice mindfulness and an open mind. You will get familiar with the different areas of work in and around the house: Kitchen, house, public garden inn and the garden.

You will stay in a twin room in the main house. Single rooms can be offered only in rare circumstances.

Our meals are vegan and organic. Our vegetables come from our own organic farm.

The house is meat,- smoke,- alcohol and drug free.

The rooms have neither a TV set nor a phone as most retreats offered at Felsentor are silent retreats.

If you are interested please download the application form, fill it out and send it back to us.
We look very much forward to receiving your application.

Please call us or contact us by e mail if you have any further questions.

Phone: +41-(0)41-397-1776






Guest Internship

For the first week as a guest intern (7 days) we charge 350.- CHF.

Starting with the 2nd week room and board are free of charge.

You will stay in a twin room together with another guest intern.

Your guest Internship can be extended to a maximum of 3 months only!

After your first week there will be a so called “check-in” with the residents during which we will talk about your stay and if it was expierenced as harmonious by both sides. You can also state your desire to extend your stay.

There will be another check-in after 4 weeks with the same goal as above.

Thereafter, we will decide if your stay will be extended further.