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General information for our guests

Silence: Living in a center for meditation and retreats, we do not use radios or television sets in the house. No tobacco, alcoholic beverages or use of cell phones are allowed in the buildings and garden areas. Please go to the garden restaurant to smoke or use your cell phone. We ask you to be as quiet as possible in the corridors in the late evening and to close all doors quietly.

Heating: The house, with its outstanding heating insulation, has a solar system for water heating and a wood-fired installation for central heating. In the guestrooms a thermostat controls the flush-mounted heating units (behind the brown clay walls). During the heating period we ask you to air your room briefly and then close the windows again. If you sleep with the window open, please set the thermostat back to 10 degrees Centigrade during the night. 

After meals: Please bring the dishes of your table stacked together to the kitchen after meals.

Additional coffee: Coffee is provided in thermos jugs only for breakfast.
During the day you can get coffee from the coffee machine in the garden tavern or the cellar of the guest house, made with freshly ground beans. For this coffee we charge 2.- CHF (which is half of the price asked for in the travern). Please enter the consumed items to the  list provided and pay the sum total in the office prior to your departure.

Beverages during Breaks: A large assortment of herbal teas, some green teas and tea as well as instant coffee or instant grain coffee are available in the dining room free of charge. Please check the water-level indicator on the samovar and add fresh water when necessary.  

Library: You are welcome to take books from the library to your room. Please sign out each book in the booklet provided and put it back into the return basket in the library (not the shelf!)  prior to your departure.

Slippers:  Please always wear (house) slippers or socks in the house and Zendo.

Internet: In your own interest and if feasible, we highly recommend not to go online during your retreat or stay  here at Felsentor. In urgent cases we can provide details for guest internet access. Please ask for more information in the office.

Bed linen/bedding: Please remove your bedding and towels on your last day and put them in the provided laundry baskets,  put on fresh bed linen and prepare the room for our next guest. Clean bedding is available on each floor and in the dorm.

Departure: Please remember to take all your belongings from the drawers, closets, the coat rack in the entrance and the Zendo..... lost and found items will be kept for 1 month only.

If you have any questions we will be happy to help you! We wish you a pleasant stay!

The Felsentor Team

Meditationhall / Zendo