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How to cook your life

Zen Master Tenkei said, «See with your eyes, smell with your nose, taste with your tongue... nothing in the universe is hidden.» Each day we will be practicing this with a three hour cooking class, which is a participatory hands-on opportunity to find out for yourself what’s what: especially learning cutting skills (I bring sharp knives) and tasting the assembly of dishes adding one ingredient at a time, so that you know salt, sweet, sour, pungent (scharf), and bitter, so that you experience earth, stem/leaf, fruit and how these elements  work together. We will work to care for the ingredients and the work space. Learning is facilitated with practicing silence in class. Opportunities to learn in this hands-on, carefully-tasting fashion are fairly rare.
Talks each evening will be based on Zen Master Dogen's «Instructions to the Cook» (Tenzokyōkun). In addition to kitchen work, we will practice sitting meditation in the morning and late afternoon – as well as some simple Qi Gong first thing in the day.
Silence will be an important aspect during parts of the retreat.

Eine Stunde Arbeitsmeditation pro Tag (Samu/Karma Yoga) ist integraler Bestandteil bei allen Aufenthalten im Felsentor.

Edward Espe Brown
Edward began practicing Zen and cooking in 1965 and was ordained as a priest by Shunryu Suzuki Roshi in 1971. His teaching style is both light-hearted and penetrating, incorporating poetry and story-telling, and he will see that we eat well. Author of several cookbooks including «The Tassajara Bread Book» (1970), he is also the editor of «Not Always So», a book of zen lectures by Shunryu Suzuki Roshi (June, 2002). A critically-acclaimed movie «How to Cook Your Life», featuring Edward, premiered in October, 2007. «No Recipe», his latest book was released May 1, 2018.



Beitrag für die Lehrenden
Dana (frei gewählter Geldbetrag für die Lehrperson). Reisekosten Beitrag von CHF 50. Bitte in bar mitbringen.

Aufenthalt im Felsentor
CHF 570 (95/Tag) im Mehrbettzimmer
CHF 720 (120/Tag) im Doppelzimmer
CHF 900 (150/Tag) im Einzelzimmer, falls verfügbar
zzgl. Kurtaxe: CHF 16.20 (2.70/Tag)
Im Anmeldeformular hast du die Möglichkeit, uns über Allergien oder Spezielles zu informieren.

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